Shyne Roberts Puts On An Historic Game On One Ankle, Upper Dublin Continues Winning Streak Against Wiss

Shyne Roberts Puts On An Historic Game On One Ankle, Upper Dublin Continues Winning Streak Against Wiss

By: Noah Stomsky  |  September 23, 2023

Thrilling, shocking, surprising, whatever word you would use for this game would probably work. A combined 95 points between the two teams, 74 of the points coming in the second half, and 1,138 yards combined by the two teams; This game may go down in history. Around the beginning of the third, Roberts went down holding his ankle/shin in pain. Unable to even walk they had to bring out the cart for him. It looked like he wouldn’t come back in the game after this but somehow someway he did. As stated by Roberts as a shin contusion– which takes 4-6 weeks to heal– he shouldn’t have been able to even run, but nothing could stop him.

"My team made it a close game I couldn’t let my team down, had to come back in fight like a dog came out with the W, it was a team win," said Roberts on how he kept coming back in even after going down twice.

The combined running duo of Roberts and Ronald Shepherd - who ran for 177 yards - totaled 511 of Upper Dublin's 588 total yards. Wiss had no answer when trying to stop both of them. When asked what was Wissahickons biggest weakness, Roberts said, "They wasn’t fast enough, they wasn’t prepared for the speed.” Outrunning players left and right, breaking every tackle that came his way. Roberts finally had the chance to show the state who he was. "Show everybody that this me man, that's all I gotta say. I'm Shyne, my name's Shyne for a reason.”

Breaking around thirty tackles in the game, not one player on Wiss was actually able to stop him or Shepherd coming out the backfield. "Off-season, a lot of weight room, a lot of conditioning, a lot of training. You know just a lot of teamwork, coaches put us through a lot of work over the summer, with the camps and everything, early morning practice. Woke up in the morning early morning, two a day workouts."

Roberts set a school record on the day with his seven-touchdown performance, and arguably one of the best games for a Cardinal and maybe one of the best games in PIAA history for a player. "I feel amazing man, body a little sore nicked up, it's cool. Rest over the weekend get back at it Monday, prepare for Council Rock North."

Throughout the weekend, there was a lot of chirping and trash-talking between the two schools on social media. Wissahickon fans posting memes and Upper Dublin fans responding, "A lot of motivation, they went onto social media to troll me, tried to play me talking about bench me and everything talking about who is Shyne? I had to show 'em who I am."

On Wissahickon's side, they still were quite explosive. Missing their second QB with an injury, Nolan Pounds had the game all to himself. Slow at the beginning of the game but still put up numbers through the air. Throwing 23/31 with 319 passing yards and three touchdowns his game was almost perfect. Having one pick in the red zone that may have been the difference-maker, Pounds played out of his mind. Aiden Westcott was his main target of the day catching 13 passes for 178 yards and one touchdown, Westcott showed his value as WR 1. On the ground for Wissahickon, a lot of sweeps and draw plays, Jaden McLean carried the ball 20 times for 117 yards and two touchdowns - one of which was a pick-six - and freshman Quasir Sampson before coming out had 15 rushes for 82 yards and one touchdown. Wiss totaled 550 yards in the game which was 38 less than Upper Dublin but they still showed how much head coach Rory Graver had changed the program.

For the last twelve years, Upper Dublin has won over Wissahickon. Most players, fans, reporters, and companies would’ve said that Wissahickon would win the game. Unfortunate events that led to mishaps and two turnovers for Wissahickon are what separated them from the win and gave Upper Dublin the upper hand. While the rivalry may be back with both sides of the student sections being filled to the max with an attendance of around 1000, the Rivarly on the field still seems to be all Upper Dublin for now at least.

Wissahickon suffered its first loss of the year ending their unbeaten season and dropped to 4-1 on the season. They head back home to take on Springfield Twp. next Friday at home for the Homecoming game looking for a bounce-back win. For Upper Dublin, they head out to Council Rock North trying to get their first two straight wins of the year. With injuries from both sides, it will be interesting to see how the season pans out for both teams.